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Forum Name: Stolen Van register.
Forum Description: A list of stolen vehicles.
Printed Date: 23 Apr 24 at 22:08
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Topic: 😄 FOUND
Posted By: ob1
Subject: 😄 FOUND
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 21:13
Taken from outside the MOT station.
Distinctive LHD Big bumpers / new tires / square lights. with classic half-rack on the rear quarter.
Pictures to follow. Worst thing is I had just spent £300 on Mot parts including brand new PAS pipes from the BY and a new steering UJ

Gutted. Load of tools and camera inside too. Pray that JK insurance pay up ok. At least I've got an agreed value.

Posted By: ELVIS
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 21:26
Fuck Orlando!

Was it in the MOT stations custody? Does that affect claim at all.

Was worried all the thefts would start happening this way. Eyes peeled in Exeter bro


Posted By: Tee3
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 21:39

Get some photos circulated.... and worth mentioning the area too.


YOU CANT EDUCATE GAMMON" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: ELVIS
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 21:42
Guess Paignton, Torquay sort of area if Orlando isn't online tonight.


Posted By: craigy345
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 21:49
Were the keys in it or had you given them to the MOT station.
This stinks of someone waiting, watching you ready to pounce!
Hope the insurance comes through for you.
Not that this is a solution.

Posted By: ob1
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 22:03
Taken from Totnes Tires in Dartington  - S Devon
Not sure about any issues with insurance? It was on private land but is my responsibly as they take no liability with customers vehicles? Keys were with the MOT station not in the vehicle thankfully!

He's some pics.... 

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Posted By: ob1
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 22:06
Thanks guys... feeling sad.... just vaguely hoping that maybe the garage have gone and parked it somewhere odd and it's actually safe.... seems unlikely though....

Fukin hell... just thinking about how much work i've done on that bus getting it all sorted..... and now some sods will probably break it in pieces and sell in bits on ebay..... 

Posted By: ELVIS
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 22:22
Have a word with Andy e , I know cherry parts were stolen off his 16" such as lights, mirrors etc and he found them at an address near his.


Posted By: ob1
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 22:26
Ok. Will do thanks Elvis.

Posted By: xr219
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 22:30
Surely if the keys are with the garage then it was still in their custody and they are liable for your vehicle despite what they say

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Posted By: ELVIS
Date Posted: 25 Feb 14 at 22:31
Any CCTV on premises (that's if they haven't locked it away somewhere safe) any petrol station or CCTV near by?

Have a drive down tomorrow and have a nosey to look for cameras in the area and get onto the owners ASAP before anything is overwritten on hard drives.


Posted By: craigy345
Date Posted: 26 Feb 14 at 00:09

You should have No issues with the insurance.
I know this is of very little consolation at the moment.

The issue with insurance companies relating to thefts normally comes down to was the vehicle secured/safe i.e locked, alarmed (if fitted), parked securely and the keys NOT left in vehicle etc....

From what you have said (reading above)
The van was parked in the care of MOT station, in a private car park area, it was safe and locked. The keys were left with the M.O.T station in their office.

How they (The M.O.T Station) are not liable for this is beyond me!? 
& You will probably find that the insurance companies will argue this one out! 
As long as YOU get paid out.

Just a thought any signs "Vehicles left at owners risk" etc... don't really mean anything..... this relates to damage i.e some-one reversing into you etc...
You were instructed to leave you vehicle there and you did so ensuring it was fully secured and in THEIR care.
Whats to say they (M.O.T staff) didnt move your van and leave the keys in it? - probably normal practice for them if they are busy with cars in and out!
So Have they still got your key!!!?

really Hope it works out for you.

Posted By: ob1
Date Posted: 26 Feb 14 at 08:23
Thanks everyone. I'm a knob. He's fine they had just hidden him in their workshop!
Sorry 😳😏😕🙈🙉🙊💤💤💤💤 duh

Posted By: gregozedobe
Date Posted: 26 Feb 14 at 08:50
Good news indeed Thumbs Up

Posted By: ELVIS
Date Posted: 26 Feb 14 at 09:18
GOOD NEWS Orlando.



Posted By: craigy345
Date Posted: 26 Feb 14 at 09:54
Sometimes you are Happy to be a knob!!!
I am and Im sure everyone else is so pleased for you.

Posted By: orcecaveman
Date Posted: 28 Feb 14 at 19:36
Totnes Tyres, as in Nicks place or South Hams tyres? If it was Nick or Wicksy at Totnes Tyres, I can rip the piss out of them when I see them next! Thumbs Up


Posted By: mrhutch
Date Posted: 28 Feb 14 at 20:03
* tries to think of something witty to change his tagline to *

T3 1981 Westy Vanagon - thinks lubricant is a fuel

Posted By: Syncost Alot.
Date Posted: 10 Mar 14 at 22:42

Founder member of the "WESTERN FRONT VOLKSWAGEN KLUB".......membership no 0001

Posted By: Stacey
Date Posted: 18 Mar 14 at 13:36

I sell cars and campers.
~And I like filth, ginger people, drunk Welsh people and fingering food

Posted By: Alonline
Date Posted: 29 May 15 at 06:57
Better go to spec savers!

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