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New member, new AAZ

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Topic: New member, new AAZ
Posted By: P333TAH
Subject: New member, new AAZ
Date Posted: 15 Sep 13 at 18:59
Hi all,

I am a new member and have often stumbled across this forum when searching for information on the illustrious AAZ engine. Well this time i'm a bit stumped, i can't find any information relating to an engine i have just bought!

First of all some background. I own a mk1 golf (not a caddy i know) but it is a van... An ex german postal service van with bulkhead etc. The car came with a 1.6 n/a engine which i promptly swapped out for an AAZ engine from a mk3 donor vehicle. Now the engine is breathing heavily an is in need of a rebuild. I was offered a new engine (AAZ) for the princely sum of £80 which i snapped up but there are some very key differences between the engine in mu golf and the new one.

For starters it is a Seat engine, the previous owner claimed it was from an Inca although i can't find and info about the engine ever being fitted to one. Especially as the owner claimed in 1996. Secondly the injector pump seems to be an ECO pump but instead of just having the LDA 'ufo' blanked off there is a plate screwed over the top of the pump and absolutely no evidence of an LDA whatsoever. ( i plan to change the pump to and LDA pump from my existing engine.) apparently these pumps were available in canada but info on them seems to be rare. The engine ha a Garret turbo as opposed to the KKK K03 turbo on the other engine too although i am aware of this as a spec of certain engines.

I've saved the (seemingly) most confusing question of all till last. The engine seems to run a VBelt alternator and water pump belt as opposed to the serpentine belt on the other engine. In all the infomation i can find on AAZ engines i can't find anything about them being fitted as standard with this belt set uo, and i can't imagine that in 1996 towards the end of AAZ production that Seat would revert back to an older variation of belt dispite the multiV being blamed for crank failure. So its a mystery, i'm just hoping that someone with more knowledge can shed some light on it.

Thanks for providing me with very useful imfomation in the past an look forward to your thoughts and opinions on this quandry



Posted By: max and caddy
Date Posted: 15 Sep 13 at 19:10
Pictures would be a real benefit...sounds like a Eco AAZ..both makes of turbo are fitted to AAZs.

Posted By: P333TAH
Date Posted: 15 Sep 13 at 19:15
I can upload some pics tomorrow but in every aspect of the engine it looks exactly the same as my other aaz. I thought it would be an eco aaz its just the belt question which is really plaguing me. Never heard of them having a Vbelt on AAZ.

Apparently the best turbo to have for performance is the KKK as it makes higher pressure but i don't know if this is true...

Thanks again

Posted By: max and caddy
Date Posted: 15 Sep 13 at 19:21
No idea which turbo is best as far a pressure goes but the garret can't be re clocked for t3 use, are you putting it in a t3? I have a spare kkk AAZ turbo if you need it..

I can only assume the seats are a bit old school on the belts maybe? If you have the vin of the car it's out of a etka check may reveal if its standard?

Just re's going in a golf...I would stick with the v belts as the pulley issue is caused by the micro vs

Posted By: P333TAH
Date Posted: 15 Sep 13 at 19:26
The car was long gone, i just bought it as an engine in a shed. I have a kkk 03 from my other engine which is currently fitted in the mk1 golf van which is the vehicle that this engine will go in eventually. Thanks for the turbo offer tho!

I have been weighing up whether sticking with these belts is the best course of action or whether to fit a clutched alternator pulley. When i first saw the engine my thoughts were, great it shouldn't have any crank wear due to the lack of MV belts and great its got an eco pump so it shouldn't have subjected the engine internals to excessively high levels of wear. Am i right in this assumption...?


Posted By: max and caddy
Date Posted: 15 Sep 13 at 19:34
A garret t3 is fitted to a few engines as's a biggy!

Posted By: P333TAH
Date Posted: 15 Sep 13 at 19:40
The turbo does seem to be bigger than the KKK one, although i haven't looked to see which Garret turbo it is... Can't imagine them fitting a larger turbo to an eco engine tho unfortunately


Posted By: P333TAH
Date Posted: 16 Sep 13 at 10:47
Here are some photos of the engine. It has a Garrett T2 turbo and doesn't appear to have an adjustable wastegate actuator.

The IP

The pulley setup

The turbo

The engine a it sits

Hope this helps

Posted By: P333TAH
Date Posted: 16 Sep 13 at 21:19
The vehicle its due to be fitted to

Posted By: Capreolus
Date Posted: 17 Sep 13 at 09:05
I think its a bad move putting that engine in there sell it to me I could make better use of it.Tongue

or email

Posted By: P333TAH
Date Posted: 17 Sep 13 at 10:07
Haha, i reckon i've scored the last bargain aaz left in britain... They seem to be fetching a premium at the moment. I need the engine otherwise i'd sell it lol. Its gettimg ridiculous theres one on ebay at the moment for £300 with no alternator or turbo oil feed pipes! Thats a lot of cash!

Posted By: Scimdiesel
Date Posted: 07 Dec 13 at 07:47
Yep prices are silly.    The one in my camper is almost valuable enough now to pay for a golf tdi to envoke my next project.

Without engineers science is just philosophy..... Joined the revolution with a 18 year old TDI :

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