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Campervan 12v/240v Electrical Schematic

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Topic: Campervan 12v/240v Electrical Schematic
Posted By: Wilber
Subject: Campervan 12v/240v Electrical Schematic
Date Posted: 04 Jul 12 at 12:42
Hi All,
Just knocked this up as starting my next Camper Cafe project and needed an electrical schematic to baseline from. May be of some help to  afew people....." rel="nofollow -
Let me know if you want a better copy and I can pdf a version over to you.
Cheers, Will

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Posted By: Tee3
Date Posted: 12 Jul 12 at 08:08
Might be a daft question, but bear in mind that mains electrikery is voodoo as far as i'm concerned...

your inverter in that diagram is connected to the mains circuit? Assume so that you can power your sockets when no hookup?

But what happens when you connect the hookup? Wont the Inverter get 240v?
Will that be okay?


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Posted By: Tee3
Date Posted: 12 Jul 12 at 08:10
ahhhh wait.... i see the relay and the switch!

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Posted By: Wilber
Date Posted: 14 Jul 12 at 06:51
Running a slightly more complicated setup on my converted T3 coffee trailer and works a treat.

In theory you shouldn't be able to back feed the inverter, I learnt the hard way unfortunately..........

Works very well for me and no issues over the past twelve months, will be using this for my, ahem, high top project this winter, the panel van just won't accommodate the growing family.

Posted By: chris7ian
Date Posted: 17 Jul 12 at 16:00
I'd settle for a discreet, simple hook up that:
• Looks similar to the trailer hitch
• charges the leisure battery
• powers a single 'mains' socket Thumbs Up

Posted By: ravinmad
Date Posted: 19 Aug 12 at 12:31
Hi Will,

I have just got myself a t3 bluestar multivan. Looking at sorting electric out for camping and battery charging at over the winter etc. I would like the pdf if you still have it so I can print it out clear. What I am slightly confused about is the way a 12 V relay that can only handle 30A is taking 240VAC and selecting 240V mains or 240V from the invertor. Is this safe to do? I love the way it means you only need one set of plug sockets. 

Kind Regards Dan

Posted By: nutbox
Date Posted: 02 Apr 13 at 20:06
Hi just, to let you know I can't get the link to work,would be great if you could sort so I could see the picture.
Thanks dazz

Posted By: Wilber
Date Posted: 02 Apr 13 at 21:06
Hi Dazz, give it whirl now. Will.

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Posted By: nutbox
Date Posted: 02 Apr 13 at 21:14
Nice one thank you

Posted By: AdrianC
Date Posted: 03 May 13 at 18:24
A couple of things on that diagram make me scratch my head...

How's the "hookup flap switch" work? Automatic off the flap being opened? So, basically, whilst you're sat there using inverted "mains" off the leisure, some sneaky little sprog - or a strong wind - could open the flap and switch your mains over to the not-connected hookup, switching you off.

With the relay having switched you over to hookup, the inverter's still powered up from the leisure - might there be a phase issue between the two neutral circuits? (might be me misunderstanding - I only know enough about AC to know that there can be issues)

Strikes me it'd be a MUCH simpler, more reliable, more efficient and probably safer setup to just have two sets of "mains" sockets - one from hookup, one from inverter. It'd also make you think a bit harder about what you use the inverted mains for, saving you overloading the inverter or flattening the battery too quickly.

Adrian & Ellie
Zookeeper of a miscellany of motoring silliness, from 0.75bhp to 9ft tall.
Living life on the road in an '88 2.1 Club Joker Hightop.

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