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Roll call time!

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Topic: Roll call time!
Posted By: Veedurb
Subject: Roll call time!
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 18:07

A repeat (almost) of - Berisford's poll in February last year, as the forum is picking up once more and more I'd thought it would be high time for another poll/roll call (simplified).

The idea is you vote for what engine you have then add your name/location/comments ONCE ONLY so we can get an idea of how many members we have (ie no answering back)!

So I'm Veedurb (JC) and I ONCE HAD a 2006 LWB 174 Window van and I'm from sunny Devonshire in the UK.

Posted By: SilverT5TDI130
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 18:16
Silver, 2004 SWB T30 130 Kombi (camper conversion) from 'sunny'
Aberystwyth, Mid Wales UK.

... & as of May 2010 it's a natural grey California 180 bi-TDI 4Motion Tongue

... & as of September 2011, the other half wanted something bigger so it's a Peugeot Boxer Auto-sleeper Stratford!!!  Bye bye VW!!! Broken Heart 

Posted By: Mr Hedgehog
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 18:27

2006 T30 104 Austere BlueTongue


Cultural City of the south, Swindon, Wiltshire, birthplace of the pork pie and Gilbert OíSullivan  

Jumped Ship to a Vito but I hear a 2021 T6 calling, only real difference is the Vito cab is more car like.

Posted By: kombi57
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 18:31

2004 Off Road Grey T30 104 Kombi still here at sunny??? South London  
 (although Ive just come back from 2weeks in very very sunny Cyprus)   - PHEW !!!!

T30 104 Kombi

Posted By: Berisford
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 18:46
2004 LWB T30 Kombi Tiptronic in Red. North Notts.

Posted By: RICK
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 19:00

Posted By: Hulkiebear
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 19:19
2006 174 shadow blue kombi here in Uber sunny Weston-Super-Mare!

Kombi 174. Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement.

Posted By: steveleegail
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 19:47
2007 swb t32 2.5 130 with sportline kit in tornado red  birmingham

Posted By: dan.
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 20:17
56 Reg swb t30 2.5 130 panel van in metalic black from Woking

Posted By: kernow
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 22:50

2006 T30  130 2.5 in off road grey from Cornwall Tis ansome

my bigest fear is that when I die the missus will sell my toys for what I said I paid for them

Posted By: orangina
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 22:56
2004 swb T30 1.9 85 window van in blue,

Living in Godmanchester, [accident black spot on the A14], near Huntingdon, Cambs.

Lots of ducks on the dashboard!


Can't stand Vindis St Ives


Posted By: Troop
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 23:18

2005 Caravelle 130 in Silver with limo tinted glass.

Live in MidWales near the Coast

And the Velle is doing me proud, very very happy with it  

Posted By: trendline
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 23:24
Silver trendline T30   130 (2007) turned into window kombi with accessories seen driving around Walsall, west midlands. 


Posted By: Coastie
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 23:27
White 2006 174 Multivan Comfortline Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Posted By: Busman
Date Posted: 30 Jul 07 at 23:40
174 Shuttle SE LWB. Green (3P3P). Lancs, looking down on the world...

Posted By: Harvey
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 00:00
Silver 07 California 174 SE, Aylesbury, Bucks, married to a great wife who loves the van probably more than me, balding, stressed out, trying to spend as much time with van and Mrs Harvey as office life will allow. No kids, two bikes, no pets, several close friends and a load of hangers on since we got the van. No regrets, life's too short. No dolphins heads under the accelerator pedal , would happily hand in my company car if I could race around all day in a 174....any further questions your honour ? H

California 174 SE

Posted By: gregozedobe
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 01:50
late 2006 build 174 manual standard van, white, with aftermarket (non-VW,  therefore non-leaking) sliding & fixed windows, ongoing conversion to a campervan. Located in cold Canberra, the capital of Australia.  Enjoying (retired) life to the full, no acquatic sports to speak of, but a total dog agility addict.  Greg C

Posted By: blastherion
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 07:12

t28 130 off road grey modded in plymouth devon

apart from my van for work i can get 3 9'6 longboards in with full bulkhead :)

Posted By: AntH2O
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 08:12


2007 Pearl Black T30 LWB 174  Std Van.

Nottingham, 1800m now and getting better everyday .


Posted By: The Transporter
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 08:25
Transporter panel van, T28 174 in wheat beige living in Crewe, Cheshire

2004 174bhp AXE engine..... Belligerence has been confirmed.

Posted By: bilbo
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 08:26


 2005 Tornado red Bilbos Celex LWB 104 from Sussex coast near Worthing

Posted By: Ex-car bloke
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 09:00
Stan the Van, gay blue 06 SWB 174 windsurfing/camping bus, Borders of Scotland.

ECB           2006 SWB 174 window van

Posted By: nickgled
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 10:41
nickgled, off-road grey 05 SWB 130 Leisuredrive camper conversion. Near
Kendal, Cumbria

T5 T28 130 Leisuredrive Conversion

Posted By: TomB
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 13:29
white 53 reg lwb panel van, t30/85ps. Now full of windsurf boards. North

Posted By: motoYAKA
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 13:50
Silver 05 t.30 104 swb Shuttle. 17in alloys, thule roof bars and in the process of fitting a folding sleeping platform. Often full of kayaks/ paddles with 14ft open canoe on the roof. Bexley in Kent

-------- Life's a trip - take a paddle! --------

Posted By: Smithy
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 14:22
2007 T28 130 SWB Panel in Lime in Guildford, Surrey

130bhp SWB Panel
Ronal R47 Wheels - Lowered - Debadged - Perfect!

Posted By: tv175
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 15:31
2007 t26 84 swb flannel gray kombi in glasgow

Posted By: tv175
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 15:33
2007 t26 84 flannel grey kombi in glasgow.

Posted By: wulmar
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 18:46

104 pine green metalic soon to be Kombi


Posted By: TwoFish
Date Posted: 31 Jul 07 at 20:59
Another windsurfer. 174 LWB in proletarian white. Based in the Holy City of Manchester.

Posted By: shogun2
Date Posted: 01 Aug 07 at 05:50
2005 Multivan 4-Motion.  Based in Adelaide Oz.

Posted By: bdrinoz
Date Posted: 01 Aug 07 at 13:21

2007 Trakka camper. 128Kw (174) 4Motion + diff lock. Wheat beige. In Melbourne Australia. 4000Km now, smooth as silk.


Melbourne, Australia
1990 T3 syncro: (now sold)
T5 Trakkadu camper
Porsche 968CS

Posted By: Ex-car bloke
Date Posted: 01 Aug 07 at 16:12

Originally posted by Ex-car bloke Ex-car bloke wrote:

Stan the Van, gay blue 06 SWB 174 windsurfing/camping bus, Borders of Scotland.

I'd just like to point out that it's the van that's called Stan.  He is in touch with his feminine side (partly due to his colour) so maybe he's a Samantha at heart!

Hard as nails when it matters, though, like when going uphill overtaking a Vito.   

ECB           2006 SWB 174 window van

Posted By: syncrostan
Date Posted: 01 Aug 07 at 17:13
silver 104 "toolbox on wheels" panel.

Posted By: Freeley
Date Posted: 01 Aug 07 at 20:58

54 reg T30 LWB PV 85 in white (the best colour!)

Usually full of carpet or something - Barnstaple, North Devon

09 California 174 Tiptronic Storm Blue (with everything including the kitchen sink)!
61 T30 LWB PV 140 Pure Grey.

Posted By: 05t5
Date Posted: 01 Aug 07 at 22:02
2005 SWB silver Trendline 104, ply lined and shelved , 22,000 miles and going strong ....

Posted By: BigPaul
Date Posted: 01 Aug 07 at 22:58
2005 130 Tip SWB Kombi Off-road Grey converted 2006 to pop-top camper by country campers of Kent, based in Stirling, Scotland.

Posted By: porky
Date Posted: 02 Aug 07 at 07:33

07 plate swb 130 Kombi, silver, 5000k and still making me smile.

T32 130 Kombi

Posted By: onionman
Date Posted: 02 Aug 07 at 17:33

130 blue tiptronic, always empty just for crusin, any offers?

Posted By: cord
Date Posted: 02 Aug 07 at 21:18

t32 kombi,130,2006,4800miles,18s,lowered 40mm,raven blue

birmingham,love driving it


"do it in van"

Posted By: camping genius
Date Posted: 02 Aug 07 at 22:45


    Dec 06 174 lwb kombi off road grey 100 % reliable. Jnc 17 to jnc 9 m25 everyday. Lovely!

Posted By: T5 TDI
Date Posted: 03 Aug 07 at 17:36

Just got back  home to Sunny Newquay.  3oo miles or so towing non- stop.  Flawless   It's not a good idea to go belting downhills towing a caravan so I go steady.  And I know it's childish but I can't resist wacking up the other side without slowing down so the folks in the next lane think there is something wrong with their car  

Mine is a SWB panel van with A/C Cruise, captains seats and twin sliding doors. 

2004 2.5 174

Posted By: jpvicious
Date Posted: 03 Aug 07 at 18:16
New boy reporting in 

T28 130 SWB 2004. 125k on my new workhorse, nicely run in I'd say :E
Part chopped my T4 and not regretting it yet!

Posted By: sinbad
Date Posted: 03 Aug 07 at 20:34
t28 85 panel van , going soon and a little bit of me is  about it . Devon 

Posted By: Jonski
Date Posted: 03 Aug 07 at 22:26
2006 130 LWB T32 kombi in red. Lives in Devon. 

Posted By: Shamrockez
Date Posted: 04 Aug 07 at 18:07
2006 Pearl Black swb 174 called Widget, with added bling in the form of front splitter, rear spoiler and side bars. Natural habitat is in the Taunton and Bristol areas, but will soon be moving to Langport area.


Posted By: pymn2001
Date Posted: 04 Aug 07 at 19:14
trendline 130 in blue of all lives in  deepest essex ,come home from seeing a mate off to new zealand well went to an indian really then he's off't  and come from epping to leigh 32mins and the 127 was shut at the a130 all done in the dead of night, lovely

dont do signatures

Posted By: RICK
Date Posted: 04 Aug 07 at 19:38

Posted By: baggins
Date Posted: 05 Aug 07 at 22:44

Bilbo Celex White SWB campervan 85 (remapped to about 105)

Live near Southend-on Sea, but since retirement spend more time in holiday caravan in North Norfolk (well away from the internet I'm afraid)

Bilbo Celex SWB campervan

Posted By: Delfhill
Date Posted: 05 Aug 07 at 22:50
2005 130  T30 4Motion campervan in Indian Blue,  living in Haworth, West Yorks.

Posted By: T5 SVW
Date Posted: 06 Aug 07 at 20:58
55 reg 130 t28 van in off road grey met with 20" wheels and side bars living in sunny poole in dorset.

Posted By: terryvanman
Date Posted: 07 Aug 07 at 09:36

2007 Bilbo Celex LWB Automatic fully loaded

love it to bits and dont they move - center-2.jpg?t=1186475652

new man

Posted By: starsKEY
Date Posted: 07 Aug 07 at 19:14

Hello all, new member checking in.

2006 LWB 174 in Off Road Grey. With all the options, all of em!

Just found the forum, feeling pretty chuffed there is one, thought I was leading a one man T5 crusade until now. Best vehicle I've ever owned, though some would beg to differ. 29,000 miles, all by me, all flat out and everyone of them enjoyable. Usually the van is stuffed full of bikes of every sort (though not all at once), and in case there is any scallies on the prowl, my dog loves the van too. And he is VERY nasty. Has previously been seen as a blur up and down the east coast, flitting between the middle bits and Aberdeen but now I fly by plane rather than by van.


Its not Aircooled, It's Airconditioned.

Posted By: Happy Yellow
Date Posted: 07 Aug 07 at 19:48

Caravelle 174 SWB in Sari Yellow.  Normally in Latvia, but also France (Bergerac), 3000 km door to door in 2.5 days - that's why I NEED a 174!

2005 Sari Yellow Caravelle 174/AXE 200k miles

Posted By: John K
Date Posted: 13 Aug 07 at 09:01
2006 LWB 174 4motion in metallic black.   Side windows, rear bench seat and soon to have bed conversion.   Normally lives in sunny Perth Western Australia.   Just got back from a trip up North 6000km with no problems except stone chips .   Plenty of grunt for passing 55m road trains...

2006 T5 174 TDI 4motion LWB

Posted By: North_Wind
Date Posted: 13 Aug 07 at 11:16

2007 130 PS LWB Panel Van. Aftermarket "Sportline" type conversion. Living Central London and Kitesurfing on the Gower.

Kitevan interior conversion by ActionVan.

PS 2000 miles on the clock and the engine seems to get happier and happier.

Posted By: crispycritter
Date Posted: 13 Aug 07 at 14:13
2007 swb t32 combi 130 in bling bling diamond black with black windows mafia van, weston super nightmare.

Posted By: smiley
Date Posted: 13 Aug 07 at 21:47
2007 174 Shuttle SWB, Fresco green. Wiltshire based, windsurf around Poole, North Cornwall etc

Posted By: T5camper
Date Posted: 17 Aug 07 at 14:16
54 130 Wheat Beige Autosleeper Trident in Penrith, Cumbria.

Autosleeper Trident 54 plate

Posted By: roadmark69
Date Posted: 17 Aug 07 at 14:44
56 102 panel in red with windows to sliding door and opposite fitted by Van sport

Posted By: gason
Date Posted: 17 Aug 07 at 19:27
2007 silver trendline 130 lump love it

Posted By: landyspeed
Date Posted: 27 Aug 07 at 15:19

Hi all,

2007 174 Kombi in off road grey with a mixture of sportline and ABT body kit, German roofrails and river alloys, Done 10000 trouble free fast miles

But service light is now on


all the gear no idea!!!!

Posted By: wully
Date Posted: 30 Aug 07 at 09:31
2004 Shadow Blue Metallic SWB 174 window van. First 35K miles of dealer pish service for niggly faults but now the warranty is up- so far- things have been OK.

Due a service soon.

Trade in value is rubbish

Tempted to punt it and buy a cheap T4......

Posted By: Studioman
Date Posted: 30 Aug 07 at 11:41

Hi wully, ah the old T5 trade-in problem

Reckon on our T5's costing twice as much to trade in as the T4's did!! Result of silly pricing and over-speccing....

Make no mistake..T5's cost a fortune to run over three years; far more than an SUV because of very poor residual value.


Posted By: cjohnson_uk
Date Posted: 30 Aug 07 at 21:27
'05 Silver Caravelle 174 in Sheffield : T5 XVW
Its nice to have a van again even if we did go plush this time.

ChrisJ : S. Yorks

96-99:'93 T4 LWB 2.4
01-03:LHD T4 California 2.5TDi 102+>~130
05/07-09/09 : T5 174 'velle Silver
7/10 - 2/14 T5 130 Tip SWB SE Black
2/14 - ? ... To*£@&o Custom 155 Tit Silver

Posted By: Mutley
Date Posted: 31 Aug 07 at 08:12
130 LWB Auto Bilbo Celex. Currently sitting in the camping field at Apps Court Farm. At least until the weekend

Bilbo Celex campervan - T5 LWB 130 Tiptronic

Posted By: Veedurb
Date Posted: 02 Oct 07 at 22:17
Bump.  Any more for any more?

Posted By: Busman
Date Posted: 02 Oct 07 at 23:25
174 LWB Shuttle SE with cruise (03/2005) in green (3P3P). 46K on the clock and going well. FofB. Lancs.

Posted By: aledw
Date Posted: 03 Oct 07 at 17:03
2005 SWB 174 T28 Van, Silver, Rial Alloys, Kari-Tek rack, North Wales

Posted By: smotoT5
Date Posted: 03 Oct 07 at 20:43
Soon to be 2007 t32, 130 kombi van, wheat beige metallic,living in south wales .Its ordered just waiting for delivery.....

Posted By: kiwi-t5
Date Posted: 03 Oct 07 at 23:23

hi, newbie here from NZ! I own a small industrial laundry and have two VW transporters on the road.

The first we bought was about 2 1/2 years ago, and is a 2002 T4 2.5 TDi LWB which is now approaching 150,000km (94,000mi) and the recent purchase is a 2007 T5 1.9 TDi LWB hi-roof ex demo. It came to us eight weeks ago with 1,000km (600m) on the clock and has now covered 9,300km (5800m).

The T4 broke a timing belt 10,000km ago, and caused me a great deal of unnecessary grief, but happily now resolved. The T5 is brilliant.




Posted By: dmcrobin
Date Posted: 07 Oct 07 at 16:42

57 Plate California 130 in Raven Blue with parking sensors, cruise, awning and towbar, just spent the week in norfolk and it was superb ! The upstairs bed is better than my bed at home !

Posted By: Bethune
Date Posted: 08 Oct 07 at 10:54

Multivan Highline Murano Red 174ps Tiptronic LHD bought in Germany cos of all the toys and the nicer dash. Brilliant motor!! Southampton

Posted By: MrC02
Date Posted: 14 Feb 08 at 13:56
Raven Blue, 2006 SWB T30 130 Panel van- soon to be Kombi from slate grey sky central Cornwall!!

Posted By: Dub4life
Date Posted: 14 Feb 08 at 15:13
Reflex Silver, T28 104, alloys, A/C ,Comfort pack,Cruise and bags o' fun. City of Roundabouts Milton Keynes, Bucks. (no jokes please!)

Motexion, not cheap plywood!

Posted By: neneben
Date Posted: 14 Feb 08 at 21:45
red 2004 174 kombi lwb In Northants. or Wales, Scotland, Devon and everywhere else in between depending on where the water is! 

Posted By: bean
Date Posted: 15 Feb 08 at 08:03
07 T30 174 reflex silver swb sportline, soon to be a combi with a velle bench seat in the back,mid gloucestershire

Posted By: The Loon
Date Posted: 15 Feb 08 at 08:42
Newbie popping his cherry here. I'm running a 53 T30 85 LWB shuttle. Reflex silver and bog standard for now, but watch this space. 200,000 miles all by me and still as good as the day i got it. Up here in nae so sunny Aberdeen.

Posted By: Digs
Date Posted: 15 Feb 08 at 15:15

Silver T30 LWB 130 PV....

Only done 200miles in it so far but I love it... All done locally around my area of Milton Keynes

Stuck some 18" wheels on it and I'm soon to carpet the inside. Just so it's all comfy for when the motorcross bike gets hauled around..

Posted By: pymn2001
Date Posted: 15 Feb 08 at 17:38

Im Tony, essex, 130 blue trendline  07 ,really nice motor 18000 mls 

dont do signatures

Posted By: baldy69181
Date Posted: 15 Feb 08 at 21:35

Picked up 2days ago 128kw black crew van swb black 2008

loving it

Posted By: AndyTease
Date Posted: 19 Feb 08 at 20:44
Andy Tease 2007 T30 130 LWB Panel van full spec  Pearl Black 10,000 miles up for first service.


Posted By: Dibz
Date Posted: 20 Feb 08 at 11:17
Teesside area, white 54 swb 85hp panel van... at the moment

Posted By: davethespark
Date Posted: 24 Feb 08 at 11:59


Posted By: Onefut
Date Posted: 24 Feb 08 at 11:59
05 Shuttle, LWB, Tiptronic, 174, elec doors(but dont work now),
best vehicle i have had for a family
a true MPV

Posted By: baldy69181
Date Posted: 27 Feb 08 at 07:48

got my wheels on just need to lower it now

Posted By: johnny5
Date Posted: 28 Feb 08 at 02:22
06 Caravelle Executive in Pine green, Midlands.

Date Posted: 29 Feb 08 at 10:46
Ordered it yesterday!  174 LWB T30 offroad grey, yummy.

Posted By: delilah
Date Posted: 09 Mar 08 at 12:07
  174 td  18 mth old pale met  green bilbos celex --collect him  this week - needs a name, really - but not Rory...Nr Bath

Posted By: jeff
Date Posted: 10 Mar 08 at 08:24
jeff - Bristol - LWB 104 shuttle in black - converting to camper

Posted By: T5 TDI
Date Posted: 11 Mar 08 at 16:30

Originally posted by delilah delilah wrote:

collect him  this week - needs a name, really - but not Rory...Nr Bath


2004 2.5 174

Posted By: Mr Hedgehog
Date Posted: 11 Mar 08 at 22:42
Originally posted by T5 TDI T5 TDI wrote:

Originally posted by delilah delilah wrote:

collect him  this week - needs a name, really - but not Rory...Nr Bath



But why Oh why delilah (must give him a name) 

Jumped Ship to a Vito but I hear a 2021 T6 calling, only real difference is the Vito cab is more car like.

Posted By: ronin
Date Posted: 12 Mar 08 at 12:15

2004 SWB T30 130Tdi with side windows.

Camper conversion by Torbay.

Based in North Cornwall

Had it 3 years now and STILL lovin it!!

Where's the Beach?

Posted By: T5 TDI
Date Posted: 12 Mar 08 at 16:37
Hi ronin, I'm in North Cornwall too. (Newquay)  I'll wave if I think I've spotted you 

2004 2.5 174

Date Posted: 12 Mar 08 at 19:49
T30 130 lwb, off road grey, s/e pack, reversing beepers, front fogs, tailgate, pick it up this friday (newie).Ordered 18" river allys to put straight on. Getting a bit excited now!!! 4x 18 Inch River TST Inox Face Black Alloy Wheels With 225/40/18 Tyres

Posted By: boxsterboy
Date Posted: 13 Mar 08 at 14:42

Newbie here - hi everyone!

Raven Blue T32 lwb 174. Owned it for a year now. Bilbos Komba conversion with Reimo roof. Factory-fit sat-nav being binned for Panasonic AVIC unit, now umming and erring about wheels/suspension mods. Being a VW camper base, it came with 17" steel wheels, captains seats, coloured bumpers, sensors front and rear, tinted windows,etc. Being a lwb, the rear seat is wide enough for our 3 brats, in belts! (Something that a California can't do). Roof bars for the boards (yes, another windsurfer) and bike rack for the, er, bikes.

Previous Transporters: T4 2.4 lwb and T3 1.9 petrol. 

Posted By: AAT5
Date Posted: 23 Mar 08 at 00:25

Bright yellow T30 104 swb . Bit poorly at the mo and so am i as i am now stuck in a piece of french filth again . Love my van but don't like the reliability probs and our dealer is less than helpful

Posted By: RICK
Date Posted: 29 Mar 08 at 23:52
your dealer must be the same as my local dealer aat5

Posted By: smidsy
Date Posted: 05 Apr 08 at 18:35
silver t30 85ps swb working van/workshop living in sunny whitstable, kent, right by the sea and to my eternal shame still haven't got round to learning to kite surf.

Posted By: fozzy T5
Date Posted: 08 Apr 08 at 23:37
T5 SWB panel van 85bhp lots of mods south wales

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