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Wheel fitment table.

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Forum Description: The most common question that pops up on these forums is what wheels fit and what do I need to get them on!
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Topic: Wheel fitment table.
Posted By: Tee3
Subject: Wheel fitment table.
Date Posted: 11 Mar 07 at 09:44
Something ive been messing with... - LINK

You'll see a chart with a few colours in it...

And at the bottom of the screen 2 tabs, one "FRONT" one "REAR".

The FRONT wheels are pretty straight forward. If you have a wheel you want to fit, you get the width(6.5j, 8j whatever) and find it in the row along the top... and then the Offset (ET) in the column down the side.

Where the two meet, will be a coloured square.
Green means they'll fit.
Yellow means they'll be bloody close, but depensing on design of wheel, tyre choice, its possible.
Red, very unlikely theyre gonna fit.

Obviously this applies to Kombi and Pickup models alike.


The REAR wheels are a little more complex.

Similar to the above, find your width, and offset. find the coloured square where they join... and this is where it could get complicated, cos not only do you have to consider the suspension, but also the slider on Kombi models (and vans)


Green means they'll fit. Whatever the model.
Yellow means borderline... all models
Red means not a prayer, on pickup or "van" models
Orange means that they'll fit a pickup, but not a "van" model. This is the sliding door contact "area".
Tan is bordeline for pickups... this is just getting into the suspension contact area.
Lilac is borderline for "van" models, but no probs for pickups.
And the little blue area is just the same as the yellow really... dunno why its there

If youre planning on fitting wheels that require adaptors, take the width of the adaptors from the wheel ET and use that as your ET for the table...

If the wheels you fancy are in the red area, try lowering the ET in steps or 6mm, 10mm and 20mm. If that puts you in the green, youre away, just fit that thickness of spacer. Just consider the effect this will have on your offset... Getting the wheels on is one thing... but if it drives like shite, you might be better with different wheels. Also, pushing the wheels too far out could put you foul of construction and use regs (too sticky outty ).

Ive based this around data calculated from my own wheels, fitted to my own van (Westfalia Club Joker). Its running 17" wheels, but there should be little (if any) difference with other sizes, unless you go silly big.

Remember, its a guide. And there could be issues depending what tyres you have (there is a lot of variation in sidewall bulge between different tyres) and also style of wheel (Some wheels stick out more than the tyres fitted to them)... so use your common sense before you part with your cash, especially if youre in one of the "bordeline" areas.

Bear in mind too that every van is different, and that could mean the difference between contact on the slider or suspension, or not.
You can gain a couple of mm on the slider side by taking the door out of adjustment. (generally the low ET stuff - the area thats okay for Pickups).

I know nothing of Syncro, so these tables only apply to 2WD models.

Any questions, or if you think I kerfurtled up... let me know


YOU CANT EDUCATE GAMMON" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Buttercup
Date Posted: 20 Jul 07 at 12:58

... but i think i've sussed it now

'89 LHD DoKa - Buttercup 2

Posted By: Peli Mart
Date Posted: 20 Oct 07 at 18:28
No questions but I like the word Kerfurtled up.

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