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Printed Date: 27 Oct 20 at 21:31
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Posted By: Dreamcatcher
Date Posted: 22 Mar 20 at 18:32
 Dreamcatcher.     (Dave cole)

Some of you guys may know ,that for some time now (on and off)I have been engineering a gear change mechanism for a Volvo M46 gearbox with Laycock O/D unit to fit to the LT and connect to the existing LT change mechanism.

I have made and proved the mechanics, but the links to the original have yet to be built. I have design sketched how it will work but the box needs to be in place to get final leaver lengths etc.

The project has had to be abandoned by me due to ill health/age.

If any of you guys would seriously like to carry it forward, please contact me to discuss.

To install the box, the rear gearbox mounting needs a modified cross member, which is simple job to fabricate and the prop shaft modified to a flange connection on the O/D incorporating a sliding joint. In addition,the bearing in the flywheel may need changing for the size of the input shaft. Pictures on VOLT LT page

Dave 1991 LT31 Camper

Posted By: Buss Marius
Date Posted: 23 Mar 20 at 19:23
Volt LT Page, is that on Facebook? I am not on Facebook so i cant check. But on the page the forum has been spamed and is under spam atack.

Have you taken the old gearbox out and want to sel the car with the "New" Volvo M46 gearbox or just sel the M46 gearbox?

I am also about to instaal a M46 gearbox from a Volvo 240 diesel, With the J type overdrive, in mine. However i am a man that likes to do it difficult. So i am also instaaling a AAT 2,5 TDI engine at the same time. The OD on the Volvo gearbox reduses the RPM's With 22%, so i need it With a TDI engine. At the moment i have found out that a syncronising ring in the 240 gearbox is broken. I then bought a "New" M46 but from a 740 TIc, With the P type overdrive. The P type overdrive doesn't have conection for wire driven speedometer, so i vanted to use the J type overdrive from the 240 gearbox. When i tried to mate the J type to the 740 gearbox, the outgoing shaft from the 740 gearbox is thickher than on the 240 gearbox. I have however done the modifications on the propshaft and made the mountings, that was quite easy actualy. and am well under way With the gear change mecanism. However, as you said the last parts has to be welded With the gearbox in the car. Do you know that you probably wil hitt the anti roll bar With the gearbox? and that the LT gearbox weights about 55 kg and the M46, 33kg.

Well if anyone takes on this Project i have a lot of experience With it.

87 Karmann LT L 2,4D. 89 T3 Syncro Reimo 1,9TD. 2000 T4 Caravelle TDI

Posted By: Dreamcatcher
Date Posted: 23 Mar 20 at 22:52
hi yes Volt LT Facebook. It was easier to show photos.
Hoping someone would take it through to completion, but I may end up selling the box and bits if not. It’s all on the bench.
Your tec spec good thanks. Cable change way to go I think.

Dave 1991 LT31 Camper

Posted By: Dreamcatcher
Date Posted: 22 Apr 20 at 15:13
thanks for those who took interest. This project has now passed to another who intends to complete.
Watch this space.

Dave 1991 LT31 Camper

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