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Wobble when idle - VW T5

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Topic: Wobble when idle - VW T5
Posted By: JB-VWT5
Subject: Wobble when idle - VW T5
Date Posted: 10 Jan 20 at 15:55

I've got a 2008 2.5 LWB T5 with 130,000 miles on it, and an usual symptom which I can't ID.

Occasionally the van will start wobbling when waiting at traffic lights, or pulling up to lights. Not consistently, just on and off, varying severity, no apparent pattern to it, but definitely not just normal engine vibration.

I took it to the garage where I bought it thinking it was the DMF and they said they couldn't find the symptoms at all and didn't think it was. That said they were under warranty to fix it so had no motivation to find the fault or fix it!

It's intermittent, happens in neutral and with clutch down, and goes away when I pull away. Seems to only start after a good hour or so motoring.

The clutch is definitely getting old and worn as the bite is very high and its starting to judder, but that's a separate symptom. So I think I'm going to get that and the DMF replaced anyway, but I wonder if it could be something else that also needs looking at.

Anybody got any ideas? 

Thanks for any help and apologies if this topic has already been covered I couldn't find it.



Posted By: JB-VWT5
Date Posted: 10 Jan 20 at 17:29
Forgot to add - the engine revs aren't fluctuating when this happens

Posted By: T5 TDI
Date Posted: 10 Jan 20 at 18:17
I can't see it being the DMF if it isn't causing any change in the revs when it does it.  For the same reason it can't be a misfire like an injector fault if there is absolutly no change in revs.  It's worth getting the engine mountings checked but you can usually feel those allowing the engine to move as you come on and off the throttle.  

If you know the clutch change is getting near anyway I think I'd go for that and include the DMF.  Although pressing clutch may cure some symptoms of a worn DMF the wear could still leave the flywheel  out of balance.  Do you get any rattling or knocking from it?  

2004 2.5 174

Posted By: Charlie Dog
Date Posted: 10 Jan 20 at 18:27
Add a bottle of diesel injector cleaner.

Give it an Italian decoke?

Err, you do have recovery don't you?

Posted By: gregozedobe
Date Posted: 11 Jan 20 at 08:04
Years ago I had my manual gearbox "fixed" (new mainshaft bearings plus ? ) but it had a very strong low frequency vibration when coming to a halt (it felt like the engine was going to fall out onto the ground).  It was also very difficult to select 1st gear (but only sometimes).

I refused to accept the "fix" and the insurer (extended warranty) ended up paying for a brand new 'box, I paid for a new clutch and there was no vibration.

I wonder if your problem is worn clutch and/or soft engine mounts (getting softer when hot) ?

What revs is your engine when this happens ?

What happens to the vibration if you increase engine revs (while still with clutch in or meutral) ?

Posted By: JB-VWT5
Date Posted: 11 Jan 20 at 10:39
Thanks for your comments everyone. Few more points to answer your questions:

- this is just happening at idle tickover, so around 800rpm
- It's been doing it since before the clutch started to judder, ever since I bought it (clutch bite was fairly high when I bought it but didn't judder)
- vibration (I've called it wobble as its more like someone randomly wobbling the van from the front with no pattern, than a normal consistent vibration) clears when I up the revs or pull away
- the engine is otherwise good nick, pulls very well, smooth despite age, doesn't rattle or stutter

Engine mounts had occurred to me too, but was unsure how that worked with fact that it only happens after a while of running, didn't realise heat could be a factor there.

I might try the bottle of diesel injector cleaner too as presumably nothing to lose there.

It does sound similar to your gearbox issue, though not quite as severe, and sometimes first is difficult to get in to, so could be that...

Thanks again for any thoughts!

Posted By: Charlie Dog
Date Posted: 11 Jan 20 at 10:53
If you follow the Daily Telegraph, 
their motoring man is always banging on
about using fuel with added detergent.

He recommends using Shell V-Power.

If you've been using supermarket fuel,
there's a good chance you have dirty injectors,
according to the Daily T's man.

I usually give my motor a bit of a thrash
up a motorway hill.
Perhaps holding it in a lower gear to 70+
Nothing too illegal mind you.

I haven't got a particulate filter :o)
If you have PDF, it's probably 
an extra good idea.

Any one else like to comment please?

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