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Vibration above 80km/h Sprinter 4x4

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Topic: Vibration above 80km/h Sprinter 4x4
Posted By: Ystei
Subject: Vibration above 80km/h Sprinter 4x4
Date Posted: 14 Sep 19 at 19:32
hi! Considering buying a 2004 Sprinter 316CDI 2.9l 4x4 van for camper conversion. It has 177000km, little rust and is a dream to drive on and off road. 

It vibrates/makes some low frequency noise when accelerating fast on 2/3 gear between 1500-2500rpm and also between 85-100km/h after 110 it vibrates less and before 80 there is no vibration. Not sure if both noises are from the same thing.

Steering wheel is stable and it feels like the vibration is coming from under the driver side (left side-centre), the vibration is less on the passenger side. Tyres are Nokian hakka spikeless snow tires, I don't think it comes from them because the steering is not affected. But not sure.

Brakes are new all around and braking does not affect the vibration, nor does clutching out or taking it out of gear wile gliding in 95km/h.

Rear drive shaft seems tight but front drive shaft has some slack in it..

Acceleration vibration is the same in 2wd and 4wd, I have not tested it above 60km/h with 4wd. 

It has a button next to the 4x4 and diff lock button with a symbol of a car driving up a hill, is this low range? Anyways, it does not make any difference when engaged. 

Any suggestions for what the vibration may come from? 


Posted By: Monster LT
Date Posted: 18 Sep 19 at 21:41
Diffs, driveshafts or transfer box?... As you seem to have ruled out gearbox, engine, brakes. Tracking or wheel bearings may be more consistent or noticed more when cornering, but it still dosn't match where you are hearing the vibration. However I did have an inconsistent wheel bearing to deal with lately and you couldn't really tell it was so bad until I got it off. Not on an LT or Sprinter. Worth jacking up the wheels and giving them a spin either way if you get a chance. What did the owner say about it? Also if you get the idea its front left then maybe worth attaching a camera underneath and take a drive to see if you can catch anything obvious. If there is play at the front driveshaft that'd be my first port of call. Is that front driveshaft on the left? Is it axial or lateral slack / play? Axial play could be as simple as a broken snap ring. Sorry I'm not familiar with the Sprinter 4x4 set up, just Mk1 LT 4x4 and still learning, but hey, you did ask for ideas.


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