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T5 2.5 AXD oil leaking through breather pipe (Inc

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Topic: T5 2.5 AXD oil leaking through breather pipe (Inc
Posted By: P38irl
Subject: T5 2.5 AXD oil leaking through breather pipe (Inc
Date Posted: 08 Sep 19 at 15:21
Trying to diagnose the reason im leaking oil through a breather pipe? i recently had the engine out after a terrible problem with a ceased water pump in the block (" rel="nofollow - See here if its relevant

when i go for a drive and park up it like to leave a small puddle of oil from this rummer pipe. but this pipe is from the back of the water pump so i cant figure out where the oil is coming form? the engine is running well lots of power no oil in the coolant and no coolant in the oil so im a bit puzzled. and thoughts would be appreciated. 

Posted By: T5 TDI
Date Posted: 08 Sep 19 at 22:25
That is the drain for the chamber behind water pump.  It's there to to allow the (internal) water pump to leak coolant onto the road rather than into the engine if it fails.  Did you possibly reverse the position of the two pump seals?

2004 2.5 174

Posted By: P38irl
Date Posted: 09 Sep 19 at 15:32

Thanks for the reply. Yes i couldnt find any info on the refitting of a new water pump so i wouldnt have known they were in a certain order. so if i have the seals in wrong what is the possible ramifications? also this is what the inside of the pump housing looked like so it wasent great to start with 


Posted By: Rebuild
Date Posted: 10 Sep 19 at 06:52
When i recently replaced my waterpump, i rumaged around the housing surface with some wet and dry sandpaper, as best i could.
My replacement pump(Borg and Beck BWP2136 for AXE engine) had double lipped square profile seals IIRC. I applied some silicon grease all around on refitting the pump.

My guess is you need to remove the pump again, and clean up the housing surface and replace seals

2004 LWB 2.5 TDI 128KW auto

Posted By: T5 TDI
Date Posted: 10 Sep 19 at 09:07
If the housing is rough you will have to clean it up as best you can and refit the pump with some silicone sealant or similar.  Might be worth having google around for exactly the right sealer for the job (temperature range, oil/water resistance etc).    

2004 2.5 174

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