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Aaz fuel pump mk1 caddy HELPPPP 😭

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Topic: Aaz fuel pump mk1 caddy HELPPPP 😭
Posted By: Mk1Dean
Subject: Aaz fuel pump mk1 caddy HELPPPP 😭
Date Posted: 25 Oct 17 at 20:24
First post on this forum it's the one I look on mostly so thought I'd register a account..

I've got a mk1 caddy which I'm restoring from the ground up and decided to go for a aaz conversion as its nice and easy for my first conversion

After searching and searching I finally came across a complete engine for sale for only £130 which I thought was fairly cheap considering I've seen it running in the car it came from,I've had the engine for a week now and decided to actually take a look at it when I discovered the fuel pump is electronic and not mechanical,first of all I thought I'd been ripped off and the engine wasn't aaz but after looking I've seen people say they are fitted to the later engines

So basically I want to know is it possible to convert a electric pump to mechanical, I've seen a few posts saying about chopping wires etc but didn't really fully answer my question or I probably didn't understand or should I just buy a mechanical pump and I assume it's a easy swap job, I'm replacing the Cambelt anyway


Posted By: Timjburrows
Date Posted: 25 Oct 17 at 21:38
Welcome,there were no aaz engines with fly by wire pumps.what you may have is a late aaz with an immobiliser,it's possable to remove the plastic cover and connect the fuel cutoff wire directly to the stop soloniod

Posted By: Mk1Dean
Date Posted: 26 Oct 17 at 14:37

This is the pump I have

Posted By: Mk1Dean
Date Posted: 26 Oct 17 at 16:55
Just questioned the seller about it and they are now denying it was advertised as a aaz even though I have all the texts etc, shocking seeing as it came from a VW breaker

Posted By: Timjburrows
Date Posted: 26 Oct 17 at 19:19
That's a tdi or sdi pump may be possable to go landrover 200 or 300 tdi pump for non electricial alterative

Posted By: ob1
Date Posted: 27 Oct 17 at 17:04
I’ve got a pump. It’s an AAZ not the best one in the world but powered my bus for 40k miles and was going strong when I removed it. I can get delivered to your door say for £70 all inc?

Posted By: ob1
Date Posted: 27 Oct 17 at 17:05
Ah next question is is that an AAZ engine!

Posted By: Mk1Dean
Date Posted: 27 Oct 17 at 17:14
Thanks for the offer but it's not a aaz engine

The seller ( a VW breaker in holt Norfolk ) is refusing to give me a refund even though it was advertised as a aaz

Posted By: ob1
Date Posted: 27 Oct 17 at 20:17
Small claims court then. If you have a copy of the advert!

Posted By: guz
Date Posted: 28 Oct 17 at 10:14
Sell it on and mark it up to experience, you said it was cheap anyway

location/moby number removed.

Posted By: Mk1Dean
Date Posted: 29 Oct 17 at 15:48
Got my money back today after threatening them with trading standards... Definitely learned my lesson on this one

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