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2.4 6 pot non turbo tweaks

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Topic: 2.4 6 pot non turbo tweaks
Posted By: Polutinluton
Subject: 2.4 6 pot non turbo tweaks
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 22:23

New and first post here.

Where can I find a thread covering fitting a turbo to my 2.4 6 pot diesel. Im sure its been done. Hills are getting me down. Cheers

Posted By: JILLY
Date Posted: 05 Sep 17 at 00:33
Welcome to the forum. I am near Downham Market. Cant help with your turbo request but my non turbo hightop used to annoy me at first but now I dont care, in fact I never drive it flat out now. It annoys others following, first gear at 3mph gets em really mad. Tongue

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Posted By: LTCamper89
Date Posted: 05 Sep 17 at 12:41
I do not remember a thread about fitting a turbo on here." rel="nofollow -

1989 LT28 2.4D    Saviour of 6Music, well one of them. Now playing

VW LT Camper not Cramper least the roof is not rusting away....

Posted By: LTCamper89
Date Posted: 05 Sep 17 at 12:49" rel="nofollow -

1989 LT28 2.4D    Saviour of 6Music, well one of them. Now playing

VW LT Camper not Cramper least the roof is not rusting away....

Posted By: Polutinluton
Date Posted: 05 Sep 17 at 20:32
Ha ha yeah. Mines an old luton/horsebox so basicaly a massive wind break. Its no fun trust me lol
Thankyou for the link. Its a start.

Lt35 luton 1987

Posted By: madra
Date Posted: 10 Sep 17 at 14:55
Originally posted by JILLY JILLY wrote:

...first gear at 3mph gets em really mad. Tongue

Coming up Blue Bank in Sleights [a 1-in-4 gradient], leaving Whitby after my twice a year sojourn there, I dream of hitting 3mph. Sometimes I'm going so slowly in the crawler gear, that the speedo needle is just kind of twitching on the zero.

I think you've just got to accept that these vans are completely shite on hills and adjust your mindset, rather than trying to adjust the van to squeeze an extra couple of mph out of it.

Of course, that begs the question; "What the hell were VW thinking of when they put an engine in these vans that performs so embarrassingly slowly on hills, even when the van is empty?"

I dread to think what it must be like attempting such climbs while fully laden with cargo.

1996 LT35 2,4D hi-top

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Posted By: Jeevesraf
Date Posted: 01 Nov 17 at 23:04
Pretty sure the heads are different on turbo models, extra oil jets or something, to keep things a bit cooler. So you would need a full engine change really, to get any longevity out of your engine.

I have an 1985 TD, and it is a bit quicker than the normally aspirated LT I had years ago. It still struggles up hills tho!

1986 LT45 TD Camper

Posted By: Buss Marius
Date Posted: 02 Nov 17 at 23:07
The turbo engines have oil spray nozzles under the pistons to cool them down.
I know they have installed turbos on NA 1,6 diesel T3 in the USA and it have worked fine for years.

If i remember correctly. The turbo engines have the turbo where the NA engines have the engine mount

Personally i would prefer the 2,5 TDI engine from an Audi 100 or A6 it fits on the gearbox and the oil pan is identical in both ends, it just needs some cut and weld.
There is a guy in Austria running a 2,5 TDI chipped to about 180hp in his coachbuildt. He keeps up with traffic...

87 Karmann LT L 2,4D. 89 T3 Syncro Reimo 1,9TD. 2000 T4 Caravelle TDI

Posted By: Uberhare
Date Posted: 05 Nov 17 at 20:03
2.5 TDI would be a rockstar!  But if on a budget you could add a turbo and it would probably work fine as long as you don't abuse it. 

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