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Can anyone please help?!

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Topic: Can anyone please help?!
Posted By: Dobby
Subject: Can anyone please help?!
Date Posted: 08 Sep 16 at 23:16
Hello, I have a Wesrfalia Atlantic , I have had a water leak for months, as soon as the garage mended or replaced one leak, another would Spring up. I have a new tank, radiator, pipes and cap..........anyone have any lateral thinking type solutions?? I'm at my wits end. I can't go far before the light goes used to be that I just refilled the tank behind the number plate, then it altered to both half emptying, and now, it seems only the tank in the engine empties. The camper is diesel, 1600.....1990. Thank you. Please help me. Piles of smiles, Dobby xxx

Posted By: mrhutch
Date Posted: 08 Sep 16 at 23:41
more info neeeded I'm afraid..

how long have you owned it?
was it OK for years and then this problem started?
does it overheat?
1,6D or 1,6TD?
when you go to it cold, in the morning and undo the main (blue) cap is these any hiss?

that'll do for starters

T3 1981 Westy Vanagon - thinks lubricant is a fuel

Posted By: Dobby
Date Posted: 09 Sep 16 at 00:19
Hi!! I've had the camper since December....its 1600 turbo diesel. It doesn't overheat but the light goes on. No it doesn't hiss at all. Thank you! Xxxx

Posted By: KrisG
Date Posted: 09 Sep 16 at 18:30
Is it the light on the temp meter that goes on, but the meter is not high in temp-range ? that means that there isn't enough cooling fluid in the system.
Did you bleed the system ? is the air out ?
also an Atlantic owner :)


Posted By: Dobby
Date Posted: 09 Sep 16 at 20:27
Hiya, I'm an old bird, and have to use reputable garages that have been recommended. It's had everything thrown at it so far......the latest is that I discovered through the 8090 forum that the "dalek cap" (recently fitted) HAD to be genuine VW.well I tested it by puffing and blowing down it!!! It didn't work! So I'm hoping that is the latest problem! Someone suggested the matrix heater....I'll get that looked at if this latest doesn't work!! But I will ask if it's been burped! ! The latest garage have made a few silly mistakes!! Thank you! Xxxxx

Posted By: CaliforniaDream
Date Posted: 28 Oct 16 at 00:01
Indeed, needs to be a genuine Blau Darlek pressure just ordering from BRICKWERKS as they only sell good quality. 
What surprises me it you garage hasn't carried out a proper coolant pressure test. This test simulates the cooling system under pressure and generally uncovers leaks that would otherwise go unseen.


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Posted By: Dobby
Date Posted: 28 Oct 16 at 09:00
Oooh thank you for answering!!
They got a genuine cap in, and that solved the problem......till the next one! I have found that sometimes (always with VWs) a few pounds is a wise investment with precision equipment ...."you get what you pay for"!!! The loss of water is now not a mystery!!
My latest problem is with a garage who is on its second set of reversing sensors!! First set from a reputable company on ebay who sent a replacement.....and now the garage's "much better professional" sensors. still have an intermittent fault whereby the alarm sounds for no reason when put in reverse.....10 or 11 months now.....he keeps tweeting getting a reversing camera fitted today by a different garage!!!
Going back to the other garage when he has time!!!! Piles of smiles, Dobby xxxxxxx

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