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VW Crafter 2010 underslung LPG and water tank(s)..

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Topic: VW Crafter 2010 underslung LPG and water tank(s)..
Posted By: Chainik
Subject: VW Crafter 2010 underslung LPG and water tank(s)..
Date Posted: 19 Feb 15 at 12:38
Hello there, ab1 here - first time caller, long time listener :)

I am in the process of converting my VW Crafter 2010 2.5 MWB van into a motorhome/campervan.

I have been trawling the interwebs for the suitable location for the underslung Stako 25L LPG tank from GAS-IT, as well as for the waste and fresh water tanks from C.A.K tanks.

The Stako gas tanks is around 700mm x 200mm, comes with a square fixing bracket (not pictured) and looks like this:" rel="nofollow -

The fresh water tank looks like this:" rel="nofollow -

The waste water tank looks like this:" rel="nofollow -

I've spent some time under the van to try and approximate where these tanks would go, however I am still not 100% on the exact locations. C.A.K tanks aren't particularly helpful on this matter, even though their vehicle application notes claim these tanks would fit (but they also point out that other tanks may fit and they have hundreds of tanks in the catalogue!).

I am pretty sure the gas tank would have to go on the N/S just behind the side door step and right up against the outer side of the van (tucked right underneath).

I suspect waste and water tanks would have to go on each side of the drive-shaft towards the rear.

Has anyone happen to fix anything like this to a post 2006 Sprinter/Crafter MWB van and if so, are you able to offer some guidance before I go ahead and order the wrong kit?

Much appreciated!

-- ab1


Posted By: LTCamper89
Date Posted: 19 Feb 15 at 12:51
The LT1 kits are specific, even LHD/RHD, but they have to fit in certain spaces. Those look like they will fit almost anywhere, it is odd that you are not given a clue as to where was measured." rel="nofollow - This table is not too helpful either. The LT1 listed gives positions.

1989 LT28 2.4D    Saviour of 6Music, well one of them. Now playing

VW LT Camper not Cramper least the roof is not rusting away....

Posted By: prioryi
Date Posted: 19 Feb 15 at 23:40

Is your van an add blue model ? if so you will have a problem with space under the van because of the add blue tank , our swb Crafter convertion  has the tank and we have positioned the fresh water tank under the rear bed , we are going to have a under slung gas tank fitted by auto gas 2000 in Thirsk we have visited them and the only position we can place the tank would be above the omni step l fitted under the sliding door hope this helps

Cheers Andrew

Posted By: Chainik
Date Posted: 20 Feb 15 at 09:11
Thank you Andrew, that is most helpful.

My VW Crafter also has the AddBlue tank, which as you suggest and as I suspected restricts water tank options.

Could you please clarify a couple of things for me..
- Which fresh water tank are you using in your SWB conversion?
- Which waste water tank (if any) are you using?
- Are you able to share a couple of photo of the underside of your van to give me a better idea on size and placement?

Thank you for clarifying the gas tank position.

-- ab1

Posted By: prioryi
Date Posted: 20 Feb 15 at 09:58
The water tank is a 70 litre   positioned inside the van under the rear bed the waist doesn't have a tank l ran the pipe from the sink behind the fridge , running to the base of the a pillar where there is a fibre panel in the base so no holes in the body work to course rust my van has 2 sliding doors so all the services for the toilet cubicle and the fresh water top up connection . We haven't had the gas tank fitted as yet but there is room under the sliding door sill  

Posted By: Chainik
Date Posted: 20 Feb 15 at 10:04
Cheers, I might give C.A.K another call regarding AddBlue and water tank placement as unfortunately I have no room in my design for an internal water tank.

-- ab1

Posted By: prioryi
Date Posted: 20 Feb 15 at 23:56
i cant work out how to post pictures on this forum but if you click on the link below it will take you to my profile page on the t4forom crafter section and you will be able to see my van its a self build and a on going project

cheers andrew

Posted By: Chainik
Date Posted: 21 Feb 15 at 19:02
Looks pretty good...

On a completely unrelated note, where did you get the plastic cabin floor trim to go around the single passenger seat in the below picture? I presume you removed the standard bench seat and installed the single seat.." rel="nofollow -

-- ab1

Posted By: prioryi
Date Posted: 21 Feb 15 at 19:24
The first thing to do was remove the bulkhead and double seat , bought the passenger seat from ebay it came from Poland

If you are replacing the double for a single you will kneed  to stop the air bag fault signal
showing in the dash

The cab flooring came from vw you basically have to replace the whole floor covering because the covering is shaped around the seat boxes , there is a floor cover that fits behind the seat boxes and finishes to the factory floor its not cheep but looks right , you might find that merc would be cheeper than vw for the same item with a different part number   

Posted By: Chainik
Date Posted: 21 Feb 15 at 19:39
Okey dokey, cheers! I'll take a look at the floor trim from VW or Mercedes once I got the bench seat out.

Thanks for the hint about the SRS bit, I'll need to look into that too..

- ab1

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