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Posting Pics... the alternative.

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Forum Description: Post pickies of yer wagon here. You can post multiple images (Max size 100K each) in a single post. Requires no outside hosting. Be nice and keep it clean please. PHOTOS ONLY.
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Topic: Posting Pics... the alternative.
Posted By: Tee3
Subject: Posting Pics... the alternative.
Date Posted: 12 Oct 07 at 21:57
Disclaimer... these instructions are PC relative. If you use anything else, like a Mac, or an ORIC-1 then the method is the same, but the clickage might be different...

Yes, you can upload pictures in your posts on the Brick-Yard, but only in the Bus-Park. You need a minimum of 10 posts to your name, and theres a file size limit of 100k. Nice.

However, I'm getting regular PMs from people asking "how come I cant upload images in my For Sale ad..." or "can you enable me to post pics in the main forum".

The answers are always... "Cos You Cant" and "No, I wont"... We do it that way for 2 reasons... one is that webspace costs, and you cant pay for it in sweat like FAME... and the other is that its easier to keep track of what you cloppers are posting if its just the one forum... (i'm looking at you Mr Cunning Plan... )

So, what do you do?

Well, you use a free online host such as PhotoBucket.

Now, I'm fully aware that to some, computers are the work of Beelzebub (just like Diesel engines), but thats simply not the case (unlike Diesel engines...). Its simply a case of point click... wait... whoopee.

So here we go.. Photobucket in one easy lesson...

1. Goto -

2. If you dont already have an account (if you do, skip to 3.), you need to register. Its free, and not at all painful. If you managed it here, you'll manage it there too... then once youre registered...

3. Login.

4. Click on the "UPLOAD" button...

5. The page will change... you'll see some boxes with some buttons at the side with the word "BROWSE" on them... click one...

6. A browse window will open where you can select the file on your PC you want to upload...find it, click it, then click "OPEN" (yeah, i know youre not opening it, but thats what it says )

7. If you want to upload more than one... click the next "BROWSE" button.. once youve selected all your files... click upload.

8. wait. You'll get a status bar.. it might take a few seconds depending how big the photo is, and how fast your connection is...
Once its uploaded, not much happens, but pay attention and you'll notice that a thumbnail of your image has appeared lower down the screen... thats your pic, from your computer, on the internet!!! W00T!!! etc.

9. Now, the bit some of us seem to have trouble with... linking the image here... You'll notice under the image are 4 boxes. the only one you're interested in as far as the Brick-Yard goes is the bottom one...
It should look like this :

Click where it says "IMG CODE" and the word "COPIED" will appear briefly next to your mouse pointer... that has copied the code you need to your "clipboard"... Now, come to your posting on here... click in the text window just to make sure... doesnt matter which forum, you can do it in any... and either right click, and select "PASTE"... press "CTRL+V".. or even select "EDIT" on the menu bar and click "PASTE"....

you'll see some text appear like this:


10. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Always press the "Enter" key at least once after each image... or your post will look crappy and nobody will read it.

11. Type some twaddle to go with the pic.

12. Cick the "POST" button...

13. Youre done... the end.

The no porn, or owt offensive ruling still applies though, unless you post it in the secret members only porn section...


YOU CANT EDUCATE PORK" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: monsho
Date Posted: 13 Oct 07 at 08:32
ah, the secret members porn section, thought we were keeping that quiet!

Posted By: Tee3
Date Posted: 13 Oct 07 at 09:11
Originally posted by monsho monsho wrote:

ah, the secret members porn section, thought we were keeping that quiet!

we are.... thats why its "secret"...

so dont tell anyone


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Posted By: Grantus
Date Posted: 16 Oct 07 at 14:17
That actually seems easy enough for even me to give it it a go!

I'll try it out, and see if it works...

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Posted By: peet
Date Posted: 23 Oct 07 at 20:57
I learnt it n i'm a pc no hoper...!

Firefighter twisted Firefighter...

Posted By: pepperami
Date Posted: 03 Nov 07 at 19:49
Cheers tee3 ive only bloody cracked it

Posted By: nutter
Date Posted: 14 Nov 07 at 22:31

i dont know where this is going,but after 10 mths of trying to post a picture i dont care thanks tee3


Posted By: nutter
Date Posted: 14 Nov 07 at 22:32
its THERE IM OVER THE MOON by the way this is my van at bracelands,forest of dean,again thankyou tee3


Posted By: thebear
Date Posted: 06 Feb 08 at 21:49

it worked first time, it really is that simple.

I am assuming other forums will be this simple ?



Posted By: baldy69181
Date Posted: 27 Feb 08 at 07:33

tried posting a pic this way and thd the quality is crap is there a trick to resizing photo to keep it at 100k and the quality is still viewable

Posted By: baldy69181
Date Posted: 27 Feb 08 at 07:42

ok lets try this one

Posted By: baldy69181
Date Posted: 27 Feb 08 at 07:43

finally it worked hope this all right


Posted By: BALDY3260
Date Posted: 26 Jan 09 at 22:55
great looking van chapThumbs Up good to see another baldy on hereLOLLOLLOL

Posted By: T3_JIM
Date Posted: 27 Feb 09 at 17:17
1 more post and i'll be able to post pics of mine Smile

Posted By: bijoublue
Date Posted: 15 Apr 09 at 11:10
Thanks for that, I was sad and discombobulated not to be able to post least now I understand that it's cos I'm new, not done enough posts, so here's another to add to my tally! I've been keenly following the "how do you make a high-top look good?" thread in the Brickie's Arms, and I am prepared to risk the mockery of my on-line peers and show them my lil blue bus in the bus-park!

Cheers for the photo bucket destructions, I will give it a whirl; I'm on a mac, so I will report back if it's all weird and suchlike!

Posted By: bijoublue
Date Posted: 15 Apr 09 at 11:38
Hurray it worked!

Ok, tis a lil bit different on the mac.......the IMG thang takes you to a choice of different types of pics, I selected the one where it says it's best for message boards. Aprt from the fact my pics have come out a bit small, it rocks.

Nice one.">">

Posted By: Basher
Date Posted: 15 Apr 09 at 12:37
I was told 20 posts, before you can put a picture on the forum.

Posted By: Steve B
Date Posted: 15 Apr 09 at 14:13 -

Posted By: Basher
Date Posted: 15 Apr 09 at 16:11
Originally posted by Steve B Steve B wrote: -

Date Posted: 08 May 09 at 21:26
Well I still can't post a photo. Printed of TEE3 instructions dated 12/10/2007 and did not get past number 4. Looked and looked and cannot see the "UPLOAD" button. Has it changed. If still there please give me a clue ie left corner, below "XXXXXX" etc. Thanks 

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Posted By: Tee3
Date Posted: 08 May 09 at 22:05
you logged into photobucket and dont get an UPLOAD button?

you should have a box kind of just off the middle of the screen that says "click here to start uploadinhg"...

you are logged in arent you?


YOU CANT EDUCATE PORK" rel="nofollow -

Date Posted: 09 May 09 at 18:15
Message to TEE3 - Have found my version "upload images & Video" leading to "chose files" have selected (very nice T3 test photo) but can only see "do you want to share on Face Book etc. How dp I link it to send to Bick-Yard? Cannot see how to paste to message. Thanks for your patience.  

A Westy is the ultimate Fisher Price toy for grown ups.

Date Posted: 09 May 09 at 19:12

A Westy is the ultimate Fisher Price toy for grown ups.

Date Posted: 09 May 09 at 19:17
I will now go and lie down in a dark room and maybe in a few weeks see if I can remember how I did this the first time. 

A Westy is the ultimate Fisher Price toy for grown ups.

Posted By: timmythedog
Date Posted: 28 Sep 09 at 09:29
^^^^This one is for sale on ebay right now.

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88 DG Panel(uncut)
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Posted By: gason
Date Posted: 31 Oct 09 at 11:36
thanks all i have sorted this out in minutes as opposed to hours, this was a van that was down the old kent rd that VW were having a dispute with the customer over he had ordered loads of extras to make it look like a sportline but there was some issue over the alloys 

Posted By: kernow
Date Posted: 07 Sep 10 at 23:20
I can't even get the photobucket account set up . The code you have read and re type is simply unreadable every time . After about 10 attempts I was ready to throw somethiong at it
 I don't normally have a problem with those codes and i know my eyes aint what they used to be but FFS that was crazy AngryAngryAngry

my bigest fear is that when I die the missus will sell my toys for what I said I paid for them

Posted By: Steve B
Date Posted: 07 Sep 10 at 23:40
The only one you need is the one that starts with img in brackets and ends /img in brackets.

'snot hard.

Posted By: Tee3
Date Posted: 07 Sep 10 at 23:50
no, he means the "captcha" code you need to enter to register I think


YOU CANT EDUCATE PORK" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Steve B
Date Posted: 07 Sep 10 at 23:57
Oh I know what you/he means now.

Well when he can see at least he knows which bit to cut n paste anyway.

Posted By: Tee3
Date Posted: 08 Sep 10 at 00:04
ive just had a look at them, I cant read em either LOL
and even when you click to have them read to you you cant make them out.



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Posted By: Andytee
Date Posted: 05 Nov 10 at 15:41
Can you post from Picasa? Let's try it...

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